3 Easy Tips to Healthy Delicious Salads


A healthy salad can be also delicious, and I learned from a very young age with my mother and all the other food lovers from my family that . Nobody has to hide or run away when you announce “The salad is ready!” I remember my mother tossing sliced boiled egg on the top of our salad. Along with crotons, fruits, cheese… “It’s a full delicious mean!” She’d tell us putting the plate on the table for a nice summer dinner. Indeed, it was a complete meal and we wouldn’t eat anything else afterwards. Just a Brazilian cafezinho to finish off 😉 

Following my mother steps, I’ll share with you 3 easy tips to prepare healthy and tasty salads.

1. The first tip is combine flavors that you like: incorporating salads in an everyday diet might not be an easy task for many of us. Therefore, you don’t need to make your life difficult. Start by flavors you like and are familiar with;

2. Second tip is all about textures: adding nuts, fruits, cheese, lentil, beans, crotons… There’s a myriad of ingredients you can add to make your salad more fun. In other words, adding layers of flavors will create a more appetizing dish. And remember, we want eating to be a pleasant experience!
Try sprinkling some crushed taralli on the top of your lettuce and cucumber salad ❤️;

3.Last and third tip is very important, colors. Different colors mean different nutrients and vitamins for your body so try to use at least three different colors each time. Select what is in season! The colors and flavors of the vegetables, roots, leaves and everything that is in season will be more intense and vibrant.

Including a portion of salad per day in your meals will help you to eat less. The reason why is that, when you eat salad you tend not to overeat in other courses. The fibers from your salad will make you to feel fuller for longer, reduce your cholesterol and sugar blood levels. 

Lets get cracking, shall we!!! Here is the link for my Antioxidant Salad Recipe, arugula, beetroot, gorgonzola, and nuts, wow fantastic! And check out my easy-to-make Hummus Recipe straight from the Old City of Jerusalem!

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